Senior associate for the Center for Education
University College Zealand, Center for Education

Senior associate for the Center for Education


Would you like to strengthen and develop the Center for Education at University College Zealand? We are looking for 1-2 lecturers with knowledge of and experience with research in educational practice  


University College Zealand (UCSJ) belongs in Zealand, and we will see our region prosper and develop. We want more growth and prosperity in all parts of the region, and we are sure that education is a big part of the answer.  


Center of Education is one of seven centers in the University College Zealand and employs about 85 employees working with basic training, continuing education and research and development. Center of Education has campus in Roskilde, Slagelse, Nykøbing F. and Vordingborg. You will get one of these campuses as your primary place of work, but as a lecturer you will work a lot across the center locations.  


UCSJ completed in autumn 2015, an organizational change under the heading: Excellent training and regional development force. In this context there is set a number of ambitious new goals that we at the Centre for Education contributes to achieving - including via R & D priorities.  


As a lecturer you must ensure that the center's research priorities will be unfolded practice-oriented and application-oriented for the benefit of the professions, employers and the region and in our training. You must be a guarantor of progress and quality of our research and knowledge development in close cooperation with students, colleagues, external partners and customers nationally and internationally. Research at University College Zealand starts and ends in practice, and you should therefore be concerned that the Centre's research activities have a clear practice looking basis.  

You will play an active role in the link between basic education, continuing education and research and development (R & D) center and across the organization. For example, you will join a network of research responsible with other professors and research responsible under the leadership of field commander for Research in Pedagogy and Management.  


Center of Education has selected two research priorities that we want to create even more application-oriented and professionally oriented research in relation to.  


We are looking for 1-2 lecturers who have proven experience in one or both of these areas of research:  


Educational work with professionalism, families and children that addresses two research themes have great consistency in educational practice: "Educational work with children and families" and "Professionalism, goals and technology in educational practice".  

The ambition of the research environment is to generate knowledge that provides educators better trade opportunities to create strong welfare and learning communities for all children and young people. We are working to increase the quality of child and adolescent well-being and relationships, and their educative and professional development.


We want to contribute to the development of knowledge, methods and forms of cooperation on families and children and development of children and families own participation opportunities, and to strengthen the educator's role as a central knowledge actor in cooperation with others and in private practice.  


The themes shall include at learning environment and well-being of children, inter-professional collaboration on children in difficulty and families' and children's perspectives on their own resources and opportunities. We also work with how educators in practice can relate to and apply measures such as documentation, evaluation and evidence and work with digital media in teaching practices.  


Creativity, movement and aesthetics in educational work , where work on the basis of the political focus on all children, youth and adults thrive and have the opportunity to learn and develop inherent potentials as possible.  


The ambition of the research environment is to develop creative, aesthetic and motor methods in educational work in cooperation with the practice field, and thereby contribute to increased well-being and learning in children, adolescents and adults in day care, schools / leisure and social or special educational field.  


We have also focus on the methods that are best suited in a specific context, and how the teacher can strike put, manage and evaluate these methods so that the greatest possible extent promotes learning, development and well-being of the group and the individual.  


As a lecturer, you have an important role in build, develop and operate a professional environment. You must be professional head of a research, which also involved students and employees who are in the process of building a research profile. You must be able to plan, perform, develop and evaluate R & D efforts with colleagues from different research experience, and not least as a researcher be able to cooperate with the university field in relation to creating and transforming knowledge. It is therefore important that candidates have extensive experience with the links between research and development and knowledge circulation in relation to education and the educational practice field.


As a docent, your primary tasks:  

• Capacity building of the research environment in the Center for Education, including ensuring that R & D activities qualify the knowledge base for education in center and contribute to the development of professional practice.  

• Responsible for fundraising and leverage of the center's research. Basically includes all our research external financing.  

• Responsible for development of practical relevance and application-oriented R & D activities in collaboration with provincial and municipal partners, private operators and national and international actors and relevant research.  

• Training and supervision of students at basic and continuing training, including the involvement of students in R & D activities.  

• Professional management of parts of the center's research activities including oversight of the research field nationally and internationally - as well as a proactive role in relation to new development, collaboration and funding opportunities.  

• Contribute to skills development widely in the center, including through the development of PhD programs as well as coaching and supervision of PhD students.  

• Ensure dissemination of the center's R & D activities within the center, UCSJ and the outside world, including internationally.  


Skill requirements:  

• Ph.D. much like combined with practical experience.  

• Solid understanding of the teaching profession.  

• Experience in the development, management and implementation of major research projects.  

• Experience of securing external funding for R & D activities.  

• Experience in teaching and learning environments on both basic and continuing training.  

• International experience, including involvement in international networks and research - and to relevant international publishing.  


Furthermore, we emphasize that you:  

• Is a strong communicator and counselor who is able to make complex professionalism understandable and relevant to our customers.  

• Has a research vision, which targets both the recipient field, training field and the research field.  

• Is the development-oriented with a sharp eye for how the center's resources and potentials can be optimally into play in terms of research priorities, growth strategies and education development.  

• Are results-oriented, committed and ambitious in terms of helping to develop a strong academic environment in the Center for Education.  

• Possess strong collaborative skills and can handle the job as technical director of a research environment.  


Center of Education included in the Education and Management and works closely with University College Zealand's other centers.  


Wage and employment  


The posts are current agreement on its territory  


The position is limited to 6 years and to be filled as soon as possible.  


Place of employment  


Center of Education campus Nykøbing, Taiping, Slagelse and Roskilde depending on options.  


More info  


If you have questions or would like clarification of the research priorities, please contact Associate Professor Randi Andersen phone 7248 1086 or Centre Manager of Education Margit Mikkelsen 7248 1331  


Read more about University College Zealand on  


Application deadline etc.  

Application, CV, list of publications and related documents via our recruitment system at later than February 28. 2017. pm. 15th  


The hiring process is expected to take about 3 months after the application deadline.  


Qualifications are assessed by an internal hiring committee and an external review committee, and we ask you to enclose the material that you want included in the assessment (min. 2 publications), proof of education (eg in the form of teaching portfolio) as well as possible. co-author declaration.  


Please refer to the following regulations:  

Order no. 1065 of 4 July 2016  concerning the job structure for teachers at academies, professional colleges, etc.  


Order no. 990 of 28 August 2015 on qualification associate professor, associate professor and lecturer assessment by teachers at the academies, professional colleges, etc.  


We are looking forward to hear from you!  


We want employees reflects the surrounding community, and we encourage all interested candidates irrespective of gender, cultural and ethnic backgrounds to apply for the position.  

If you apply for this position please say you saw it on Educaloxy


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