Professorship in Logopedics
University of Oulu, Faculty of Humanities

The professorship in Logopedics


The Faculty of Humanities of the University of Oulu announces a Professor of Logopedics to start January 1st 2018.


Field and location


The University of Oulu in Northern Finland is an international, multidisciplinary research university with a rich pool of creative and intellectual talent. It promotes advanced research especially in the focus areas of Creating sustainability through materials and systems, Molecular and environmental basis for lifelong health, Digital solutions in sensing and interactions, Earth and near-space system and environmental change and Understanding humans in change. The University of Oulu has ten faculties and more than 70 different specialist disciplines.


A professor will carry out and supervise scientific research, give education based on it and follow developments in science. Furthermore, a professor will participate in international cooperation in his/her field and in societal interaction.


The position is placed at the Faculty of Humanities, in the Research Unit of Logopedics. The degree programme of Logopedics leads to a degree of Master of Arts. Upon completion of the degree programme, students may apply for qualification from the Finnish National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira), in order to operate as a licensed speech therapist. Thirty applicants are accepted every year to study logopedics as their main subject. Currently there are about twenty PhD students participating in doctoral training. The subject of logopedics is served by two professors, five senior lectures and two university teachers. In addition, some university teachers and postdoctoral researchers as well as an Academy Research Fellow and a research assistant is working temporarily in the Research Unit.


The Child Language Research Center (CLRC, is situated in the Research Unit of Logopedics. Therefore, the research in logopedics focuses mainly on speech, language and communication disorders in children. The research follows the strategy of the University of Oulu ( and is mainly focused on Understanding humans in change. Since the research in logopedics is multidisciplinary, the research is also connected to the focus areas of Molecular and environmental basis for lifelong health and Digital solutions in sensing and interactions.


Required Qualifications


The required qualifications for the post of a professor include a doctoral degree, high quality of scientific competence, experience in supervising scientific research, evidence of international collaboration in his or her field of research, ability to give high quality education based on research and supervision of doctoral theses. Further, the applicant is required to have a qualification to operate as a licensed speech therapist.  When assessing the applicant’s merits, issues taken into consideration include scientific publications and other research merits, teaching experience and pedagogical training as well as skill to create teaching material and other teaching merits. In addition to this, the merits that will be taken into consideration are the applicant’s activity in the scientific community, practical familiarity with the field concerned, success in acquiring supplementary funding, scientific work abroad, other international activities and leadership and interaction skills.


Language proficiency requirements are defined in Government Decree on Universities (770/2009). For university teaching and research positions in Finland, a full command of the teaching language, Finnish or Swedish, is required. It is also possible to use English for teaching and lecturing. 




The salary of the appointed professor will be set at level 8, 9 or 10 of the national salary scale for the teaching and research staff of Finnish universities. In addition to this basic salary, supplementary remuneration will be given for personal achievement and performance, the sum rising to a maximum of 46.3% of whatever salary scale (8–10) is set for the post. The base salary is paid for 12 months in a year being in practice roughly 70 000–97 000 € per year, depending on the appointee’s qualification and experience. 



Applications, together with all relevant enclosures, should be submitted electronically by June 5th2017.


The following enclosures needs to be included: 

1. A brief curriculum vitae (max. 4 pages) presented in the format stipulated below.

a) Full name and date

b) Date and place of birth, nationality, current residence

c) Education and degrees awarded

d) Other education and training, qualifications and skills

e) Linguistic skills

f) Current position

g) Previous work experience

h) Research funding as well as leadership and supervision

i) Merits in teaching and pedagogical competence

j) Awards, prizes and honours

k) Other academic merits

l) Scientific and societal impact of research

m) Positions of trust in society and other societal merits

n) Other merits

For further information see:


2. A list of publications sub-divided in the following way:

a) Peer-reviewed scientific articles

b) Non-refereed scientific articles

c) Scientific books (monographs)

d) Publications intended for professional communities

e) Publications intended for the general public, linked to the applicant’s research

f) Public artistic and design activities

g) Theses

h) Patents and invention disclosures

i) Audiovisual material, ICT software

For further information see:


3. A teaching portfolio or some other equivalent account or résumé of the applicant’s teaching, listing everything of teaching merit relevant to the post to be filled. Applicants should adhere to the format presented below.


a) Teaching philosophy; characterisation of yourself as a teacher; Guiding principles for teaching in general

and for your own teaching. How are these principles seen and reflected in your own teaching? A thumbnail sketch of yourself as a teacher, and as a professional working within an academic institution.

b) Practical experience gained in the field of teaching, and the development of your own teaching as a result

    of experience gained.

c) The production and use of your own teaching material.

d) The maintenance and updating of your teaching skills.

e) Feedback from your teaching (student feedback, peer group evaluations, recognition awards,

    demonstration lecture evaluations).

f) Vision for developing your own teaching in the near future: a short presentation of your plans to develop

    your teaching within, for example, the teaching programme for Logopedics.


4. A brief presentation of research plans and aspirations, and vision for developing Logopedics and other activities, (max. 5 pages).


5. Copies of maximum ten (10) publications and other works which the applicant wishes to be taken into consideration when evaluating his or her scholarly competence, suitability and merit, all numbered in accordance with the applicant’s list of publications. 


Before taking up the duties of the chair, the applicant nominated for appointment to the professorship will be required to present the originals of his or her degree certificates (or copies of them attested by a notary public) to the Faculty of Humanities for inspection, together with a copy of their curriculum vitae duly signed as being accurate and complete.




The Faculty of Humanities will appoint at least two experts in the field of Logopedics to evaluate and rank the applicants, the selection of these experts taking into account, as far as possible, the various focuses of expertise of the applicants and aiming at as high a level of fairness and impartiality as possible.


Applicants will be informed of the choice of experts, and Finland’s laws for public administration will be invoked and applied for assessing any potential disqualification of an expert. Once the appraisals of the experts have been received, copies will be forwarded to the applicants.


Test lecture and interview


The Appointment Committee will interview those applicants they consider to be the best, and may also organize the giving of necessary demonstration test lectures.


Appointment to the Chair


On the basis of the recommendations of the Appointment Committee, the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities will present her own recommendation, together with her reasoned arguments for her decision, and all enclosures, to the Rector of the University, who will then make the final decision for the appointment. 


Contact details


In order to receive the information and announcements concerning the official selection procedures to be followed in order to fill this post, applicants must inform the Faculty of Humanities of their contact details for the whole duration of the selection process: they must specifically provide both their home and work telephone numbers, and their e-mail addresses, and their postal addresses to which hard copy written announcements can be sent.


For further information and enquiries about this post, and about the application and selection procedures, please contact either of the following:


Sari Kunnari,
Professor in Logopedics,
The University of Oulu,
PO Box 1000,
90014 University of Oulu,
Tel. +358-294-483392
E-mail Sari.Kunnari(at)


Paula Rossi
Dean of the Faculty of Humanities,
The University of Oulu,
PO Box 1000,
90014 University of Oulu,
Tel: +358-294-483403

E-mail: Paula.Rossi(at)


Legal statutes

Universities Act (558 / 2009) and Decree (2009); University of Oulu administration principles (1.1.2016).

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