University lecturer in history, fixed-term position
University of Oulu, Faculty of Arts

University lecturer, history, fixed-term position

University Lecturer, History, precedence over 1.8.2017-31.7.2018

in the field a clarification Arctic and the North, in particular the history of Finland


The field and the environment


History yliopistonlehtoraatti, specialization in the Arctic and the North, in particular, the history of Finland, is located in the Faculty of Arts of the University of Oulu. The arctic and northern widely understood in this context without tying them to any single historical research sub-region or era.


The history of the discipline employs a permanent addition to the now open for application to the task, two professors and five university lecturers, in addition to which the subjects are doctoral students. Discipline is a part of History, which include in addition to the subject of history History of Science and Ideas (professor, three senior lecturers), ancient languages and culture (university lecturer), Philosophy (University Lecturer and university research) and art history (lecturer). Study of the substance intake is 24-year major students. Minor students are selected each year up to 20 students.


task the Faculty of Humanities research is particularly directed to the field of weight University of cultural identity and interaction, which was established to strengthen the human sciences at the University of Oulu Research Center eudaimonia. Center brings together multidisciplinary research teams globally renowned research community and provides human sciences doctoral training. The applicant's research interests are required to be compatible with the printing industry. In recent years, the history of Sciences research activities are focused on the following themes: 1) the Northern Cultures, 2) Affirmations, cultural interactions and the history of layering, 3) Science and Society, 4) history of health and disease, 5) Human beings and the environment, as well as 6) ICT and innovation history . They are both subjects in the special features associated with the rising multidisciplinary research focus areas of the University.


Activities include responsibilities


the responsibility of the task holder is included to make high-level scientific research, provide high-quality research-based teaching, directing and controlling the theses, give career guidance, work tutor and a PSP counselor, as well as carry out administrative tasks related to the operation of the subject and faculty within the framework of 1624 hours total working time and an annually agreed work plan. Task Figure focused on research in addition to the latter (administrative tasks).


The holder of the teaching ranks the history of basic, intermediate and advanced studies. He also participates in the research area of its own to control the Bachelor's, Master's theses and doctoral dissertations. Excellent (responsible for indigenous) knowledge of Finnish is necessary with administrative tasks, and under the guidance and teaching, where the working language is Finnish. The teaching is also possible to arrange the English language.


employment remuneration


University lecturer salary is determined by the university salary system for teaching and research personnel levels 5-7. In addition to job-specific salary component is paid a salary component based on personal performance, which is no more than 46.3% of the job part.




University lecturer The successful candidate is required applicable doctoral degree, the ability to provide high-quality teaching based on research and the ability to supervise theses. assessing the merits of the applicants' scientific work, familiarity with the area and the administrative tasks, teaching experience and pedagogical training, the ability to use and produce a variety of educational resources and materials, familiarity with the use of educational technologies, as well as other teaching merits. Special merit is considered familiarity with the issues related to the digital humanism. Good teaching skills to address opetusnäytteellä.


Eligibility criteria are defined 1.1.2016 came into force at the University of Oulu ordinance.




The application with appendices must submit an electronic application form no later than 05/06/2017 .



This matters concerning the filling process can contact the Faculty of Arts follows:

professor Kari Alenius, p. 0294 483301, E-mail Kari.Alenius (at)


The application should:

1) Short- CV , CV, (max. 4 pages)

2) A list of publications grouped as follows:

(A) Peer-reviewed scientific articles

(B) refereed scientific articles

(C) Scientific books (monographs)

(D) publications intended for professional communities

(E) publications intended for the general public, with a connection to the applicant's research work

(F) Public artistic and scientific activities.

(G) Theses

(H) The patents and the invention ads

(I) audio-visual data and information and communication technology programs

3) to comply with the functions relevant to teaching qualifications are invited to submit a teaching portfolio, or in the form of a similar survey. The portfolio or study should be followed outline shown below

4) A short leaflet significant research merits of the post to be filled, as well as a brief research and action , (max. 5 pages)


Test lecture and interview


Deserving applicants may be invited to give a teaching demonstration searchable employment sector to be decided on separately and they can also arrange for an opportunity where they can orally present their views on the development of the tasks of the office of treasurer.




1. Teaching Thinking and characterization of oneself as a teacher (teaching background guiding thinking, teaching personal background idea; how this is reflected in the educational description of oneself as a teacher, teaching assistant and teaching work factor.)

2. attained in teaching and practical experience in the development of teaching

3. The production and use of learning materials

4. Maintaining one's teaching skills

5. Feedback from (student evaluations, peer evaluations, awards and assessed test lectures) Teaching

6. Teaching Job development vision (author explains briefly its plans to develop their own teaching and educational work in the near future, for example in relation to the subject curriculum)

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