Tenured Position in Area Cultural Studies (English-speaking regions) or Related Field Kansai University, The Faculty of Foreign Language Studies Japan

Data number D117060825

Date of publication 2017/06/15

Date of update 2017/06/15

Title Tenured Position in Area Cultural Studies (English-speaking regions) or Related Field
Institution Kansai University

URL of institution
or department http://www.kansai-u.ac.jp/fl/

Department The Faculty of Foreign Language Studies

Institution type Private university

Content of job information The Faculty of Foreign Language Studies at Kansai University is seeking applicants for the following tenured positions.

● Rank: Associate Professor, or Professor (one position, tenured)

● Starting Date: April 1, 2018

● Field: Area cultural studies (English-speaking regions) or related field

● Teaching Duties: English major language courses and content courses (including immersion courses) offered by the Faculty of Foreign Language Studies; General English language courses for students of other faculties; and (in the future) graduate courses in the Graduate School of Foreign Language Education and Research
Research field

1. Area Humanities
Discipline Area Cultural Studies (English-speaking regions) or Related Field

Job type
1. Professor level

2. Associate Professor/Lecturer (full-time) level

Employment status Full-time(Tenured)

Work location Kinki district - Osaka

Qualifications The successful applicant will have:

1. A Ph.D. in Area Cultural Studies (English-speaking regions) or a related field (or will complete before April 1, 2018)

2. At least two years of university teaching experience (including part-time positions)

3. The ability to write questions for entrance examinations

4. The ability to coordinate the curriculum for general English courses

5. The ability to manage international exchange and study-abroad programs

6. A high level of enthusiasm toward fulfilling his/her official school duties

7. A functional level of ability in Japanese for non-native speakers of Japanese that will allow him/her to partake fully in any assigned administrative duties. An advanced level of ability in English for non-native speakers of English

8. Experience of studying abroad is desirable.

Compensation Associate Professor, or Professor

Application period 2017/08/22 Deadline for receipt

/notification of result
/contact details [Required Application Documents]

1. Curriculum Vitae written in Japanese using the Kansai University CV (rirekisho) template (available with sample forms at: http://www.kansai-u.ac.jp/global/footer/kyouin.html)

● The names of the courses the applicant taught at each teaching position, whether part-time or full-time, should be indicated.

● Experience of writing entrance examinations and/or managing study-abroad programs should be indicated.

● A cover letter (1~2 pages) that explains how the applicant's teaching experience and research achievements qualify him/her for the position.

2. A list of publications

● The first and last pages and the total number of pages of each paper, book, or book-chapter should be indicated.

● If the applicant has been granted any fellowships (e.g., fellowships from the Japan Society for Promotion of Science) or competitive grants (e.g., Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research), that information should be provided.
3. Main publications (The applicant's 3 main publications)

● 5 copies of each research paper/publication. In the case of books, two copies will be sufficient.

● A chapter from an edited book is categorized as a research paper, and 5 copies of all the sections authored by the applicant are required.

● 5 copies are required in the case of publications other than research papers or books.

4. Relevant documentation of any academic awards received in the applicant's field of research.

5. A list of course titles and brief descriptions (30-50 words for each course) that the applicant has taught. 3 copies of documents that indicate the quality of the applicant's teaching (e.g. student course evaluations and/or lesson portfolios). The applicant may choose the course and the kind of documents. Only paper-based compiled documents will be accepted.

[Applications should be sent by registered mail (haitatsukiroku) to:]
Iwasakikinenkan Seigai Office, Faculty of Foreign Language Studies, Kansai University,
3-3-35 Yamate-cho, Suita-shi, Osaka-fu 564-8680

● For mailed applications, please write "English Position in Area Cultural Studies Enclosed" in red on the front of the envelope.

[Contact Information]
Iwasakikinenkan Seigai Office, Faculty of Foreign Language Studies, KansaiUniversity.
Tel: 06-6368-0034; Fax: 06-6368-0036; email: gaiji@ml.kandai.jp

● When contacting the Seigai Office, please indicate the position name: Tenured Position in Area Cultural Studies (English-speaking regions) or Related Field.

[Application Deadline]
August 22, 2017


[Selection process]

1. The results of the initial selection process will be announced in late September.

2. Second-round candidates are scheduled to be interviewed on Saturday, October 14. As a part of the interview process, the candidate will be required to present a demonstration lesson.

3. For the second round of the selection process, applicants will be required to submit one copy of each of their publications and official documentation that proves they have been awarded a Ph.D. or will complete it before April 1, 2018 (i.e., Ph.D. diploma, or a copy of the diploma), and a letter of recommendation.

4. Further documents may be required in addition to the above documents.

5. The successful applicant will be required to submit official documentation that proves each of his/her acquired degrees (i.e., diplomas).

6. The successful applicant will be required to reside in Osaka or within close commuting distance.


Additional information Note:

● The Kansai University List of Publications (kenkyu gyosekisho) template (available with sample forms at: http://www.kansai-u.ac.jp/global/footer/kyouin.html) must be used.

● The information provided will be used only for selection purposes in compliance with the Privacy Protection Law. Submitted documents and publications will not be returned.

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