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Lund University was founded in 1666 and is ranked recurrently as one of the world's 100 most important universities. There are 42,000 students and 7,400 employees in Lund, Helsingborg and Malmö. We are united in our quest to understand, explain and improve our world and human condition.


The historical institution is a large institution with two subjects. There are over 50 permanent teachers and researchers. The department also has a major research education with doctoral students in history and human rights, including through a research school in history. In 2017 we have 28 PhD students employed. 
Human Rights is a multidisciplinary research environment focusing on the historical writing of human rights in early modern times, and on rights in political philosophy, religious affairs, military and humanitarian intervention, nationalism and women's movements around the world. 

History in history today has a cultural history focus. Time-wise, research extends from the early Middle Ages to the present, with a certain emphasis in early modern times and in the twentieth century. Part of the research is directed at historical usage and knowledge history. The department is a leader in historical culture research and history didactics.

Lund University hereby vacates a two-year job postdoctoral degree in History of Knowledge with a position at the Department of History.


Ref nr: PA 2017/1818


Access: January 1, 2018


Information about the content of the employment : Henrik Rosengren, Head of Department (+46 46 222 79 18,, Svante Norrhem (46 46 222 41 92, or Johan Östling (+ 46 46 222 79 63,


Information about personnel and salary issues : Personnel Manager Lena Kandefelt (+46 46 222 72 24;


The historical institution is now seeking a postdoctoral professor with a history of history with placement at the Department of History.


Historians have long been interested in knowledge, but it is only in the 21st century that knowledge history has begun to emerge as a research field in its own right. Specializing in this new orientation is that the analytical interest is directed at the place of knowledge in history and the systems and social contexts in which it has been included. Theoretical and methodological inspiration is often derived from new forms of media, science and culture history. The history of knowledge-based research at the Department of History includes chronological early modern times as well as modern history / contemporary history. We welcome all applications regardless of the time and regardless of geographical focus.


The main task of the postdoctor is to conduct research but also as part of its service, contribute to the development of the knowledge-historical environment. This may include organizing workshops, responsible for seminars and contributing to developing research applications; To select texts for seminars and act as readers for other people's texts; To invite and manage contacts with the guests of the environment. These tasks require the postdoctor to have a high and frequent presence in the institution's environment. In the context of the knowledge-historical environment, the postdoctor will be given the opportunity to ventilate his own texts in an engaged group, establish contacts through our international networks and guests, as well as be able to represent and work within a large research group. Teaching may occur within the framework of the employment.


As part of the research obligation, the proprietor will participate in and contribute to the research environment, p. A. By actively participating in research seminars and other research-related activities in progress in the subject. The proprietor is expected to conduct his research mainly at the workplace in Lund.


Qualifying to be employed as a postdoctoral degree is the student who has obtained a doctorate or a foreign degree which is deemed to be equivalent to a doctorate who has completed a maximum of three years before the end of the application period. If the exam has been completed earlier, certificates of parental leave, illness or like. Submitted in connection with the application. If the applicant has other than a Scandinavian mother tongue, very good and documented knowledge is required in English.


It is a requirement that the applicant has disputed in history or in a subject with historical focus.


Particularly merit is experience of contributing to the development of research and research environments, for example by organizing workshops or conferences, or developing international collaboration in other forms.


The basis for assessment is good ability to develop and implement good quality research as well as educational ability. When employed as a postdoctoral student, mainly the scientific ability shall be taken into account. Otherwise, the assessment shall be made on the basis of the requirements for the employment. As a basis for assessing the applicant's merit, the applicant shall attach a project plan to the research that is intended to be performed within the employment.


The application must contain the following:

- Signed full curriculum vitae (CV) and certified copy of doctoral degree

- Publication list (including ISBN and ISSN number)

- Signed plan of no more than 1500 words (excluding literature lists) of the research project that the applicant intends to implement during the term of employment.


The project plan shall contain the following headings:

• Description of the project (question and summary)

• theory and methodology

• Relationship to the International Research Front

• The internationally important work of the research area

• the applicant's skills and qualifications for the project

• schedule and accounting for the project

• a description of how the applicant can contribute to the development of the knowledge-historical research environment at the institution.


Note The applicant is responsible for completing the application in accordance with the above instructions, and that everything is scanned (as a coherent PDF file) and the University will submit by the recruitment portal MyNetwork no later than the closing date.


The University applies individual payroll. Please enter salary claims in your application.


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