University Lecturer In History, One Or More University of Gothenburg, Institute for historical studies Sweden

University LECTURER in History, one or more


The Department of Historical Studies offers a meeting place for students and researchers in the three subjects of history, archeology and ancient culture and social life. In focus, social and political processes in human societies are from ancient times to the present. Teaching takes place at all levels from basic to postgraduate education. The total education assignment currently comprises more than 500 full-year study sites. The department currently employs about 110 employees teachers, researchers, doctoral students and administrators.





Subject Description


Within the subject of history, teaching and research on human and society are being transformed with great diversity and breadth in subjects and chronology. The activities of the department are conducted in conjunction with the subjects archeology and ancient culture and social life.




The employment includes teaching and examination at all levels of basic education, which requires broad historical knowledge. Other tasks are research, supervision and administration, as well as cooperation with the surrounding community. The holder must participate actively in the institution's internal work. Teaching is mainly in Swedish or other Scandinavian languages, but teaching in English may also occur. The employee will, within two years, be able to take on administrative and educational tasks that require understanding and use of the Swedish language, both verbally and in writing.


Basis of assessment


At the time of appointment, particular importance will be attached to scientific and pedagogical skills. The ability to work within the broad areas of primary education will be particularly meritorious. Weight is also added to the applicant's international experience, administrative skills and ability to interact with the surrounding community.


The employee is the one who, after an overall assessment of documented qualifications, skills and skill, is expected to have the best prerequisites for carrying out current duties and contributing to the positive development of the business.



The eligibility criteria for employment as a teacher are listed in Chapter 4, sections 3 - 4 of the University Regulations and the University of Gothenburg's own employment scheme.


Qualifying to be employed as a university lecturer is the one who has demonstrated pedagogical proficiency and has obtained a doctorate in history or has equivalent scientific competence.



Type of employment: Employee employment 

Scope: 100% 

Location: Department of Historical Studies, Gothenburg 

Access: Immediately


Appointment Procedure


Applicants, together with the application documents, must submit a certified merit summary and a brief written account of their scientific and educational activities. Documentation of such educational qualifications regarding teaching and other types of teacher work should include qualitative assessments from the faculty or supervisor. The Humanities Faculty's merit portfolio should be used when applying. A maximum of ten scientific or pedagogical work in addition to the dissertation is attached.


Contact information for the employment


Information about the employment and questions about the recruitment procedure can be made

Lars Hermanson, Professor 
031-786 45 12



Trade union representatives at the University of Gothenburg can be found here:




You are looking for employment through the Göteborg University recruitment portal by clicking on the "Apply" button. You as applicant are responsible for the application being complete in accordance with the advertisement and that it is available to the university by the latest application date. The publications that can not be attached to the application digitally must be sent to: Department of Historical Studies, Mattias Wiberg Fogelberg Box 200, 405 30 Gothenburg, and must be received no later than 170831


We would like your application to be written in English as it may be reviewed by international experts with English as working language.


The application must be received no later than : 170831


The University works actively for a work environment with equal conditions and values the quality of diversity that adds to the business.


The University applies individual payroll.


According to the National Archives Act, the University is required to keep application documents for two years after the appointment decision. If you, as an applicant for an employment, in particular request your actions, they will be returned when the two years have elapsed, otherwise they will be deleted.

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