PhD Scholarship in Center for Subjectivity Research University of Copenhagen, Department of Media, Cognition, and Communication Denmark

PhD Scholarship – Center for Subjectivity Research


The Center for Subjectivity Research, Department of Media, Cognition, and Communication, University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark, invites applications for one PhD fellowship affiliated with the project “You and We: Second-person Engagement and Collective Intentionality.”


The three-year position is to be filled by 1 January 2018.  


Description of the project  


A significant number of early phenomenologists (including Husserl, Stein, Scheler, Walther and later Schutz) assigned an important role to the dyadic I-thou relation in their analyses of we-intentionality and communal experiences. The parallels to Buber’s philosophy of dialogue (Buber 1923) might seem obvious, but the systematic focus of the phenomenologists was rather different. Currently, there is no comprehensive account available of these early investigations. The aim of the PhD project is to harvest and systematically reconstruct the early phenomenological writings on the I-thou relation in a way that will highlight and assess their relevance for contemporary discussions of the second-person perspective and collective intentionality.  


The candidate must have solid German skills (since many of the central texts remain untranslated). Prior familiarity with phenomenology is also a requirement.  


More information about the Center for Subjectivity Research can be found at 


For further information please see below and be advised that the Faculty of Humanities reserve the right to administratively dismiss applications which do not adhere to the formal requirements.  


Please note that the project proposal including the study plan, figures etc. must not exceed 12,000 characters. 

Application procedure  


Applicants need to hold a two-year Master’s degree (120 ECTS) or equivalent. Applicants must have submitted their thesis at the time of application, to the extent the thesis forms part of their Master program. In case you have not obtained your diploma by the application deadline, you must include a statement (pre-approval) from your university declaring that you have been awarded the Master’s degree.  


Applications must be submitted via the electronic application system.  


The following enclosures to the application must be submitted:  

  • A copy of the applicant's Master’s degree diploma along with a transcript of records  

  • Bachelor’s degree diploma and a transcript of records  

  • If the MA diploma and/or examination records are in another language than English, German, French, Spanish Danish, Norwegian, or Swedish, please include a translation into either of these languages in your application.       

  • Curriculum vitae  

  • Project description (must not exceed 12,000 characters). (Please see further information below)  


Do not upload ZIP files and do not submit any publications, recommendations, or your Master thesis.  


The Faculty will dismiss applications that do not adhere to the formal requirements.  


Diploma and transcript of records  


The translation of diplomas/certificates and transcripts may be made by or approved by either:  

  • a state-authorized translator and interpreter  

  • the embassy or consulate of the country where the original document was issued or where the translation was made  

  • a Danish consulate/embassy.  


The PhD administration encourages applicants from within the EU to enclose a Diploma Supplement. The Diploma Supplement is part of a common European framework for transparency of competencies and qualifications – the EuroPass framework. For more information, click here:  


Applicants with a non-Danish Master’s degree will have their degree assessed by The Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalization in order to establish whether the Master’s degree is equivalent to a Danish Master’s degree. Read more at the website of The Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalization.  


Chinese applicants are required to enclose a CADGEEC (The China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Evaluation Committee) certificate. Read more here.


Project proposal requirements  

Please note that the research proposal must not exceed 12,000 characters in Microsoft Word (including spacing, punctuation, footnotes and references, title, study plan, figures etc., but excluding bibliography). Please specify the number of characters at the top (left/right) of your research proposal. Also please send the research proposal in an editable format. Guidelines on how to make a research proposal and information about required enclosures are available here:


Proficiency in English 

Excellent communication skills in English are considered essential, and applicants should speak and write academic English fluently. The PhD Administration may ask applicants to document their proficiency in English at any time during the recruitment process, if this is considered necessary.


Further information


Employment as a PhD scholar occurs pursuant to the applicable rules of the Faculty of Humanities, as well as between the Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC). Under this agreement, the PhD student is obliged - without further remuneration - to carry out allotted work to an extent corresponding to a total of 840 working hours in the course of a three-year contract. 
Please note that it is normally a precondition for employment that the applicant in question does not already have a PhD degree. Applicants who have already obtained a PhD degree will, as a main rule, be dismissed.
For further information on employment terms please see the collective agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the Danish
Confederation of Professional Associations (AC) as well the protocol to the agreement covering staff with university degrees in the state sector (in Danish).
Enrolment as a PhD student at the Faculty of Humanities' PhD School is a precondition for employment as a PhD scholar: For more information about the PhD School, click here. 

No supplementary documents will be taken into consideration after this deadline.  


After the application deadline, the Dean selects applicants for assessment on the advice of the Appointment Committee. All applicants are then immediately notified whether their application has been accepted for assessment. The Dean subsequently appoints an expert assessment committee tasked with carrying out an assessment of the selected applicants for the specific post. Selected applicants are notified of the composition of the committee. Applicants are ultimately offered the opportunity of commenting on the part of the assessment relating to themselves before the appointment is finalized. For further information read here.  


As an equal opportunity employer, the Faculty of Humanities invites applications from all interested candidates regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin or religion.  


For any further questions, please contact the PhD administration, e-mail If you have specific questions concerning your submitted PhD application, please use the following e-mail  


Application deadline: 15 September 2017 (CET). Start date: 1 January 2018. 

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