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The faculty of education at the University of Helsinki is a multidisciplinary, internationally renowned research and education unit for education and teacher education. Research and teaching are aimed at the realization of human cultural and social potential in the best possible way for the benefit of the individual and mankind.


The Faculty of Education is a dynamic, inspirational and international work and study environment with a high-quality research and teaching infrastructure. We encourage research, teaching, and social interaction with ethics, courage and creativity.


Our training offer includes both teacher qualifications and other basic, postgraduate and continuing education leading to academic professional tasks. About 600 students each year undergo a basic degree in our faculty. We also arrange pedagogical studies for teachers in major faculties of other faculties. About 600 subjects studying as a subject teacher perform each year these teaching qualifications in our faculty.


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The assignment can be completed for an indefinite period of time as a professor or as a tenure track validation path based on the applicant's merits and career stage.


Technology education is a learning and subject-based activity that integrates diverse technologies, including the use of digital tools to create meaningful learning experiences and learning environments for learners to learn technology and inspire learning. Technology education is a field of education aimed at guaranteeing, without any gender, adequate technological education and general technological know-how. Research activities in the field of technology education have a close connection with craftsmanship and craftsmanship, household, mathematics, science and engineering. Within the University of Helsinki, a partner is the LUMA Center. The strengthening of the technology education sector is planned together with Aalto University.


The assistant professor / professor is to study and develop teaching and learning in the field of technology education. In addition, the assistant professor / professor is responsible for teaching related subjects, directing theses and leading and developing research in the field in national and international networks.




The candidate for the post of assistant professor is required to have a doctorate degree and the ability to work independently in independent scientific work and the required teaching skills. In addition, publications and otherwise demonstrated ability and motivation for a scientific career are required.


The doctoral candidate is required to have a doctorate degree, a high level of scientific qualifications, an experience in scientific research management, the ability to provide high-quality research-based teaching and guidance, and evidence of international co-operation in research. In addition, the professorships need the skills to act as an academic leader.


According to the regulations on universities, an assistant professor / professor must master the Finnish language. In addition, the applicant must have at least satisfactory oral and written skills in the Swedish language. A foreigner or a Finnish citizen who is not native or who has not obtained his / her education in Finnish or Swedish can be granted a separate application for a language exemption but is required to be able to acquire sufficient Finnish language skills within three years of starting a job. The employer supports language learning. Successful management of the task also requires good English language skills.




When assessing the applicant's earnings, both scientific and educational merits are taken into account. Scientific publications and other research results of scientific value, success in obtaining external research funding, foreign scientific work and international positions of trust are considered as scientific merit. As a teaching qualification, the teaching experience and pedagogical training, the ability to produce learning material, other gains and, where appropriate, a sample of teaching activities, are taken into account as well as participation in doctoral education. In addition, the applicant's leadership and interaction skills and the activity of the scientific community are taken into account.




The remuneration of the assignment is based on levels 7 (assistant professor) and 8-10 (professor) at the University of Welsh Education and Research staff. In addition, a payroll based on personal performance is paid. The gross salary of the assignment is approximately 4 500-8 000 per month depending on the scientific merits of the appointee and the career path stage.




The application will be submitted to the University's electronic recruitment system via the Get Place link. Applicants at the University of Helsinki will apply for the assignment through the SAP HR portal. The application will not be processed unless it is accompanied by documents that follow the following guidelines. All documents must be in English and must be submitted as one pdf file.


• University Portfolio ( https: // ... ) according to the instructions of the University of Helsinki


• a complete list of publications made in accordance with the Academy of Finland guidelines ( http: // ... ) and the publication category of the Ministry of Education and Culture ( https: // )


• a research and development development plan (up to 2 pages).


Applicants are asked to make sure that after the application deadline, they are requested to submit up to 10 selected publications for specialists through the electronic search system. The application deadline ends on Thursday 30 November 2017.




Further information on the career and the tenure track pole https: // ...
For more information about the task and its operating environment, please contact Patrik Schein, patrik.scheinin (at) helsinki .com.
For more information on the recruitment process, please contact HR Specialist Tiina Kärki, tiina.karki (at) Recruitment Technical Support: Recruitment (at)


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