Postdoctoral Researcher in Philosophy University of Jyväskylä, Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy Finland

Postdoctoral researcher, philosophy

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Postdoctoral researcher, philosophy , for the period 1 February 2018 to 31 August 2021 or by agreement.


The position of Postdoctoral Researcher lies in the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy . The department's subjects are sociology, social policy, gender studies, social work, political science and philosophy. In addition, the degree programs of various major subjects are carried out in Master's Degree in International Development, Civil Society Expertise and Cultural Policy.


The faculties of social sciences and philosophy are:

  1. Policy changes, political institutions and participation
  2. Social change and sustainable development
  3. Variable welfare, welfare policies and service systems


The position of Postdoctoral Researcher is related to the Consolidator Grant project funded by the European Research Council (ERC), Epistemic Transitions, in the philosophy of Islamic Philosophy, Theology and Science (ETI). The project is led by YTT Jari Kaukua.


The position of postdoctoral researcher is focused on the research of the postwar Islamic philosophy, theology ( kalām ) and the history of science. The project focuses on discussions about epistemology and science theory. Postdoctoral researcher actively participates in the joint activities of the research team (seminars, workshops, meetings, delivery work). Benefits are the research plans for Islamic philosophy and theology as well as the history of science.


The duties of the Postdoctoral Doctor, eligibility requirements and language skills are determined by the university's
guiding rules and language skills guidelines . The ETI project's work language is English, so the postdoctoral researcher is required to have good oral and written skills in English. Successful management of a research task requires good classical Arabic skills. The advantage is that of Persia and / or Ottoman. The University may, if necessary, grant exemptions from the language proficiency requirements in Finnish. As a rule, foreign staff are required to at least develop the basic Finnish language skills within three years of the beginning of their employment.


When evaluating the candidates, emphasis is placed on the suitability of the research plan, previous research experience and the opinions of the referrals.


The remuneration for the postdoctoral researcher's post will depend on the level of job requirements of the teaching and research personnel of the university pay system 5-6 (€ 2,665.30 / month - € 3 340,77 / month). In addition, a maximum of 46.3% of the remuneration per job is paid for the personal part of the salary based on performance.


A four-month probation period is used when filling up a task.


For further information, please contact the project leader YTT Jari Kaukua, email:, tel. +358 40 805 4147.


The following documents must be attached to the electronic search system in English:


1) A free letter of application.


2) Curriculum vitae (CV), which is drawn up in accordance with good scientific practice and, as accurately, as possible, the researcher's curriculum vitae (see TENK's Help ).


3) Listed publication list of the applicant's scientific and other publications according to the Finnish Academy's model ( ).


4) Short (2-5 pages) study of the applicant's research activities and research plan.


5) Writing sample (eg article, reading of the dissertation).


6) The names and contact details of the two referrals.

The application must be submitted by the electronic application form no later than 4.2.2018.

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