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Professor in Phonetics

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Language and Literature Center (SOL) is Sweden's largest institution with a focus on language, linguistics, literature and field studies. The SOL Center offers a large number of independent courses supplemented by a growing number of program courses at the first level and advanced level. With its 33 subjects and approximately as many research programs, SOL forms a solid unit with breadth and depth in education and research and is distinguished by both national and international visibility. The SOL Center is chaired by a board where the chairman is chairman. In addition, there are two deputy executives with special responsibilities. SOL has about 250 employees and 3000 students, of which one hundred are graduate students.

Lund University hereby proclaims an appointment as Professor of Phonetics with placement until further notice at the Language and Literature Center.


Ref nr: PA2017/3998


Date of access: September 1, 2019


Information about the employment content : Prefect Maria Persson (046-222 84 52; or section chairman Katarina Lundin (046-222 87 02;


Phonetics teaching is conducted at all levels and within several education programs. On the first level, phonetics - in addition to general linguistics - is a subject in linguistics. At advanced level phonetics is a focus within the SOL-joint master's program in language and linguistics. Phonetics are also included in the speech therapy program.


Phonetics is currently being researched in the field of research

- the connection between auditory and visual prosodi

- interfaces between prosody, grammar and discourse

- Articulatory phonetics or control of speech engineer

- pronunciation questions in second language development

- speech technology

- variation i tal

- typologisk prosodi

- Processing of brain prosodis with psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic methods

- speech technology databases and tools for language processing and analysis

- Prosodic aspects of communication between humans and animals.


Parts of this research are conducted in collaboration with research groups in linguistics and with staff within the existing research infrastructure in the Humanities Laboratory. The available infrastructure includes two Electromagnetic Articulation Systems, EEG, Eye Tracking, Motion Capture, Alarm Studio and Swe-Clarin. Research collaboration also takes place with units at other faculties within Lund University that offer MR imaging. In addition, research links to other universities within and outside Sweden.


The professor of phonetics is expected to take a leading role in research and postgraduate studies in phonetics by developing already established research environments and research infrastructures. In addition, the professor is expected to apply for external research grants and to represent the topic phonetics nationally and internationally.


The professor is expected to further conduct doctoral students and teach students both at the undergraduate and advanced level, both within the phonetics and in other subjects at SOL.


Administrative tasks are included in the employment. The professor shall, according to current working time contract, be present at the workplace to the extent required by the activities and duties.


An applicant with a mother tongue other than Swedish (Danish or Norwegian) who accepts the employment is expected to have acquired sufficient knowledge of the Swedish language (spoken and written) in two years to be able to teach Swedish and to participate actively in administrative and other relevant activities conducted in Swedish.


Qualifying to be employed as a professor is the one who has demonstrated both scientific and educational skills. As an appraisal for the appointment of a professor, the degree of proficiency required for employment shall apply.


For employment as a professor, a minimum of five weeks of university education is required or that a corresponding knowledge has been obtained in another way.


When employed as a professor, the following shall be the basis for assessment :


• Very good national and international level as a researcher, where the requirement for international qualification is to be assessed according to the nature and tradition of the subject matter.

• Very good pedagogical ability, which means very good ability to conduct, develop and lead teaching and other educational activities at different levels and with varied teaching methods.

• Good ability to supervise doctoral students for doctoral degrees.

• Good ability to interact with the surrounding community and to inform about its activities

• Good ability to lead and develop the business.

Particularly merit is :

• Proven experience in initiating and running research projects.

• Documented ability to obtain external research funding.

• Documented experience of pedagogical development work central to the topic phonetics (eg self-produced teaching material).

• Documented methodological expert knowledge that can contribute to the existing environment in the subject.

• Documented experience of advanced experimental methods in any of the core subjects of the phonetic subject.

• Documented experience of academic leadership and research management.

• A broad international network that can integrate the existing environment and make room for new research projects.


Equal care is given to the examination of the educational skill as the test of scientific skill.


The application must be designed in accordance with the Instructions available at . The applicant is responsible for completing the application in accordance with the vacancy notice and instructions, and that everything has been scanned (as two pdf files) and the university by the latest application date through the MyNetwork recruitment portal.


The Teachers' Board of Appeal normally makes a selection among the applicants. These applicants are then requested to submit a maximum of 10 publications each for assessment. Publications in digital form can not be used instead of printed versions.


The University applies individual payroll. Please provide salary claims in your application


Lund University welcomes applicants with different backgrounds and experiences. We see equality and diversity as a strength and asset.

Welcome with your application!

We discard all contacts from advertisers, recruitment and agency companies due to government procurement rules.

Type of employment Permanent

Extent of employment Full-time

Access 1 september 2019

Salary Monthly Salary

Number of vacancies 1

employment rate 100

place Lund

County Skåne County
Land Sweden
References PA2017/3998

President Maria Persson, +46 46-222 8452 maria.persson @
section chairman Katarina Lundin, +46 46 222 8792
personalansvarig Lena Kandefelt, +46 46 222 7224

Union representative
OFR / ST: Trade Union ST Office, +46 46-222 93 62
SACO: Saco Council at Lund University, +46 46-222 93 64

Published 2018-01-26

Application deadline 2018-04-03

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