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University lecturer in Swedish as a second language

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Uppsala University is a broad research university with a strong international position. The task is to conduct research and education of the highest quality and to cooperate in different ways with society. Our most important asset is all the individuals who, with their curiosity and commitment, make Uppsala University one of the country's most exciting workplaces. Uppsala University has 40,000 students, 7,000 employees and a turnover of 6.5 billion.


The Department of Scandinavian Languages has more than 100 employees who conduct research and teaching on, in particular, the Swedish language based on different angles of approaches, but also about the Nordic neighborhood languages. The department operates both in Uppsala and on Campus Gotland. An important part of the department's mission is training of future teachers in Swedish and Swedish as a second language, as well as teaching in basic Swedish, among other things. for the university's foreign students. The Department also has the Language Workshop, which offers supervision in oral and written presentation in Swedish and English as well as support for institutions, faculties and other units to develop students 'and doctoral students' communicative skills. In order to strengthen our business, we are now seeking a university lecturer with broad competence in the subject of Swedish as a second language.



Teaching, supervision and examination as well as research and administration. The employment mainly concerns education, partly within courses at the undergraduate level, advanced level and research level, partly within the framework of teacher programs and assignment training. In addition, supervision is given in oral and written presentation within the framework of the Language Workshop's activities. Teaching also includes course responsibility, course management and price development. In addition, more comprehensive management assignments and overall course development work can be included in the duties. At the department, on behalf of the National Agency for Education, the National Tests are written in Swedish and Swedish as a second language, and work in this part of the business may be included in the employment. The tasks also include following developments in the field of their own subject area and the development of society in general that are important for the work at the university. During the first year of employment, 50% of the working hours may be devoted to own research.


Requirements for eligibility

Qualifying to be employed as a university lecturer is the one who has demonstrated educational skill and has obtained a doctorate or has equivalent scientific competence. A prerequisite for pedagogical proficiency is to be considered is the review, for the activities relevant, college education, comprising at least ten weeks, or equivalent knowledge. If there are special reasons, college education can be completed during the first two years of employment. Ability to teach Swedish, Danish or Norwegian is a requirement. The applicant should have the personal qualities required to fulfill the job well. Such personal qualities are here flexibility, good collaborative ability and accountability.


Assessment criteria

In selecting selected candidates, special emphasis will be placed on scientific and pedagogical skills in the field of Swedish as a second language. Skills to lead and develop academic activities are also important for the employment and will be given great importance.


Equal care will be given to the examination of the educational as the scientific skill.


The university will in this recruitment mainly take into account who, after a qualitative overall assessment of competence and skill, is expected to have the best prerequisites for implementing and developing current tasks and contributing to a positive development of the business.


Scientific proficiency: Scientific proficiency refers to research qualification. In assessing scientific skill, consideration is given primarily to scientific quality. The scope of research, especially in terms of depth and breadth, is important. Particularly merit is research on the Swedish language in a multilingual context based on either a user, system or teacher perspective. Furthermore, the skill includes planning, initiating, leading and developing research and education at the research level, as well as the merit of obtaining research funding, as well as demonstrated ability to interact both internally and with the surrounding community.


Educational skills: Educational skills refer to education and teaching qualification. In assessing pedagogical skills, education is primarily taken into account. Even the extent of teaching, ie. breadth and depth at different levels of education, is important. Particular importance is attached to the experience of academic teaching relevant to the employment, especially in teacher programs and didactically oriented courses. Ability to further research in teaching is also important, especially given the fact that the department has a comprehensive teaching assignment in basic Swedish. for the university's foreign students.


Management skills : The ability to lead and develop academic activities refers to planning, administration, management, follow-up and evaluation of both your own work and the overall business. It is about management of course and institutional activities, as well as by staff, making decisions and taking responsibility, and helping employees achieve the goals of the business. Management skills are also included in coordinating the group and helping to create commitment, participation and job satisfaction.


All qualifications must be documented so that both quality and scope can be assessed.



Parental leave, part-time work due to childcare, union assignment, military service or similar, is regarded as work experience and should be listed in the CV.


Application Procedure The full application must be submitted via Uppsala University's recruitment system and include:


  • Personal letter
  • CV
  • List of annexes
  • Accounting of scientific merits
  • List of publications
  • Accounting of educational qualifications
  • Recognition of other qualifications
  • Scientific and possible educational work that is claimed

Any published publications that are not in electronic format are sent in duplicate to Uppsala University, Faculty of Languages, Box 256, 751 05 Uppsala. Mark the shipment with Dnr UFV-PA 2017/3877.


For further information, see the university's employment plan and the faculty's supplementary guidelines as well as instructions for the application via the link below: Documents on employment at the Faculty of Languages


Uppsala University values the qualities that even gender distribution and diversity add to the business. We therefore look forward to searching for all sexes and with different birth background, functionality and life experience.


Location: Uppsala. Teaching at Campus Gotland may occur.


Salary: Individual payroll is applied.


Access: 180701 or by appointment


Type of employment: Temporary employment. Proposition in six months is applied.


Extent of employment: 100%


Information about the employment is provided by
Prefect Björn Melander 018-471 6881, or stf. Prefect David Håkansson 018-471 6391,


Welcome with your application no later than March 15, 2018, UFV-PA 2017/3877.


We take away recruitment and advertising offers. We only accept the application as described in the advertisement.


Location: Uppsala University, Department of Scandinavian Languages


Type of employment: Full-time, Continuous employment


Salary: Fixed salary


Number of vacancies: 1


Employment rate: 100%


Location: Uppsala


County: Uppsala County


Country: Sweden


Trade Representative: Ellena Papaioannou, Seko 018-471 3315
Suzanne Borén Andersson, TCO / ST 018-471 6251
Per Sundman, Saco Council 018-471 1485
Reference number : UFV-PA 2017/3877


Deadline for application: 2018-03-15

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