Associate Professor in Nordic Literature Science University of Bergen, Department of Linguistics, Literature and Aesthetic Studies Norway

Associate Professor in Nordic Literature Science


At the Department of Linguistics, Literature and Aesthetic Studies (LLE) there is a vacant position as associate professor of Nordic Literature.


LLE has about 60 scientific posts, about 50 doctoral candidates, fellows and postdoctoral staff and 15 add in technical and administrative positions.


The institute is responsible for creating general literary knowledge, digital culture, classical subjects, art history, Nordic literature, language and subject didactics, Norwegian philology, Norwegian as a second language, Norwegian course, language literacy and theatrical science.


For the time being, four of the members of the Nordic Literature Witness work from the permanent staff at LLE. In addition, scholarships in the discipline and additionally in the field of disciplinary fellowship in the Nordic subjects.


Arbeidsoppgåver / research area:


The field of work of the host includes research, guidance and teaching in Nordic literary knowledge from Norwegian time to today, and in fields where Nordic Literature Science collaborates with other disciplinaries.


The host will participate in teaching, guidance and examinations for students of all levels and in all the programs in which Nordic literature is included. At the basic level, he or she must be invited to teach in all the breadth of the discipline. At the higher level, there will be more room for the subject to teach the most in fields where he or she has special skills. One part of the work will be used to direct students at the master's and doctoral level.


It is a requirement that all those add, without regard to the scientific specialization, indicate responsibility for the integrity of the professional environment and make sure that the teaching offerings can stay up and develop.


One refers to the general rules at the university that within the normal workforce and professional competence, the host may add to the teaching, the course and the examinations outside the organizational unit to which the position is attached.


The person in the position is entitled and obliged to conduct research within his field of study and his professional specialties. He or he will also receive different professional-administrative tasks. At the faculty and the department emphasize the will and ability to conduct professional dissemination and participate in the current social debate on the subject of the subject.


Qualifications and Qualifications:


The applicant must have a doctorate within literature or equivalent. Above all, it is a wish that the host appointed has research expertise in Nordic, special Norwegian literature from the 17th century until today


Applicants must have published research results beyond the doctoral degree. There is an advantage with røynsle from research cooperation and international cooperation. Experience from research guidance and dissemination was also positively emphasized. In assessing the scientific work, research from the last five years will add special emphasis.


The host should teach Nordic literature and give guidance in written Norwegian. It is therefore a requirement that he or he can teach in a Scandinavian language and can arrange for use of written Norwegian, both Bokmål and Nynorsk.


The host added must be able to document good teaching qualifications or equivalent inclination. He or he must be able to teach Nordic literature literacy at all levels, and must be able to go to masters degree. The host provided for education in university education if the requirement for pedagogical basic competence is not fulfilled.


The host added must be able to work independently and structured and have good cooperative skills. It is expected that the host assigned to the post is a bus in Bergen and is a part of daily work at the institute.


We can offer:

  • Salary after salary step 60 (for time: NOK 517 300, -) for associate professor (code 1011 / salary frame 24) in state regulations. Further promotion occurs after tenance seniority in the position. For highly qualified applicants, it may be appropriate to consider higher pay.

  • A good and professionally challenging working environment

  • Membership of the Government Pension Fund

  • Position in an inclusive workforce project (IA work)

  • Good welfare schemes


Further information

Instituttiariar Johan Myking by e-mail or tel. 55 58 24 18 or Professor Eirik Vassenden ( or tel. +45 55 58 24 59).


Here's how to search for the setting


The application must be sent electronically before the deadline specified by link on this page «SEARCH POSITION» This must follow the online application:

  1. CV

  2. Scan version of original or certified copies of all university / university diplomas

  3. Information and documentation of educational efforts and qualifications

  4. Information about and documentation of administrative noise and other early activities

  5. List of publications

  6. Up to 5 scientists work

  7. Name and contact information for three reference persons


The expert committee may ask for additional documentation. Applications and attachments with certified translations to English or a Scandinavian language must be uploaded to JobNorge. Attachments can be in Word or PDF format. Current candidates are invited to interview and trial lecture. Questions to the online search process can be addressed to .


Other information


The state labor force must reflect as much as possible the diversity of populations. It is a staff policy goal to achieve a balanced age and gender composition. People with immigrant backgrounds and disabled people are encouraged to search for the position.


We encourage women to search. If more applicants have similar qualifications, debt rules for moderate gender quotas.


The University of Bergen is gaining access to education in scientific positions. Information about the searcher can be made public even if the applicant has requested not to be taken on the search list. If the request does not become a sign, the applicant will be notified of this.


More about the application process here .


Application deadline: March 1, 2018


The application must be marked: 17/15626

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