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Fellow / Postdoctoral Researcher in Interdisciplinary Child Research


At the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning (IPL), a temporary position is available as a fellow of interdisciplinary child research for a period of three years or postdoctoral position for a period of two years.


The Department of Education and Lifelong Learning is a social science knowledge environment for research, teaching and dissemination. The Institute contributes research-based knowledge about children, upbringing, school, education and working life in a lifelong perspective. The department's disciplines are interdisciplinary child research, pedagogy, adult learning, advisory science and university education. There are currently 60 scientific staff, 10 fellows and 2 postdoctoral staff employed at the department.


The position is affiliated with IPL's professional group Norwegian Center for Child Research (NOSEB), and applications for admission to the PhD program in Interdisciplinary Child Research. There are currently 12 PhD candidates at the department's PhD program in Interdisciplinary Child Research. The announced position is linked to the project Valuing the Past, sustaining the future. Onderwijs, kennis en identiteit over drie generaties in kustgemeenschappen. The project, led by Professor Anne Trine Kjørholt, is funded by the Research Council of Norway (2016-2020).


The work tasks for both positions will be the same.


Areas of work - PhD / Postdoctoral


Local knowledge and dialogue between generations in coastal communities


The position as a fellow / postdoctoral student is linked to applied research. The aim is to develop innovative models for dissemination and learning of local / practical knowledge between grandparents and children in coastal communities, and to promote dialogue across generations. The research design involves a three-step approach:


1. Studies / follow-up research of ongoing innovative practices for knowledge development (local and practical) at the school in coastal communities (Byåsen High School, research line and media line, Frøya high school supplemented with other practices).


2. Test new teaching models / learning materials in school and / or communities (10-18 years). Use of new interactive technology will be desirable as part of this.


3. Final development of new models for dialogue and intergenerational transfer of local knowledge in schools and / or communities.




The appointment takes place in accordance with the current regulations on employment conditions for posts as postdoctoral, fellow, scientific assistant and specialist candidate of 31.01.06. http://www.lovdata.no/dokument/SF/forskrift/2006-01-31-102  


For fellow students:


The enrolled PhD candidate is an educational position that will give promising researchers recruitment opportunities for professional development in the form of doctorate. The announced position is linked to the PhD program in Interdisciplinary Child Research at IPL, Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences.


The qualification requirement for the fellow graduate is completed in mainstream / master's degree in social sciences or humanities or equivalent education. The applicant must have a strong academic background from his previous study and have a weighted average grade in the last two years of the master's degree program or equivalent education (equivalent to 120 credits) which is equal to B or better compared to NTNU's grade scale. Applicants without letter grades from previous studies should have an equally good academic basis.


For postdoctoral:


For postdoctoral post, the requirement is completed PhD. in social science or humanities.


For both job categories, motivation for the position is given great importance. Personal fitness such as collaborative skills, flexibility, independence, initiative and ability to contribute to a good working environment are emphasized. Educational experience as a teacher or equivalent in school is an advantage.


The fellow / postdoctoral candidate employed will be part of the international research group. For the position, good knowledge is required in Norwegian and English.


Wages and working conditions


Fellowship code 1017 is paid according to the wage limit 20 in the state wage regulation, gross kr. 436 500 per year. From this, 2% of statutory deposits are deducted from the Government Pension Fund.


Post-doctoral code 1352 is paid according to salary frame 24 in the state wage regulation, gross NOK 490 500 per year. From this, 2% of statutory deposits are deducted from the Government Pension Fund.


The employment is made on the terms that apply to state employees at any time, and the employee must find any changes in the work area. It is a prerequisite that the employee is settled so that he or she may be present at and available to the institution.


A good working environment is characterized by diversity. We encourage qualified candidates to apply regardless of gender, functional ability or cultural background. NTNU is an IA business.


We offer

  • exciting academic environment with the opportunity for competence development
  • an open and inclusive working environment
  • membership at the fitness center and access to corporate sports teams
  • favorable terms in the Government Pension Fund 




Together with the application for both job categories attached

  • project description in the form of a sketch of 5-7 pages, for a fellowship, 
    validation requirements apply within six months of admission
  • CV, certificate and diploma 
  • scientific work


Joint work will be taken into account. If it is difficult to identify the individual applicant's efforts, the applicant must attach a brief account of his involvement.


Appointment in fellowship positions requires admission to the PhD program in interdisciplinary child research. The person employed in the post must submit an application for admission to the PhD program to the Institute immediately after employment (and no later than three months after accession).


For information about the PhD program, see http://www.ntnu.no/studier/phbarn


Application form can be found at: http://www.ntnu.no/su/phd-utdanning/skjemabank


In accordance with section 25 of the Public Procurement Act, we note that information about you may be disclosed even if you have requested confidentiality.


Further information about the position can be obtained from Anne Trine Kjørholt, telephone 73 59 62 41/91 89 76 07, e-mail anne.trine.kjorholt@ntnu.no .


Information about the application process can be obtained from the HR section, by Sissel Sæther's e-mail sissel.sather@ntnu.no .


The application with attachments must be sent electronically via www.jobbnorge.no. Attachments that can not be sent electronically are sent to NTNU, Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences, 7491 Trondheim, and marked with SU-77.


Application deadline 18.02.2018

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