Senior Lecturer in Design Specializing in Design Studies
University of Gothenburg, Academy of Design and Crafts

Senior Lecturer in Design Specializing in Design Studies


Diary id: PAR 2019/563

Employment level: Open ended

Location: Academy of Design and Crafts

Apply by: 2019-08-23

HDK - Academy of Design and Crafts will merge with Valand Academy on 1 January 2020. Along with the Academy of Music and Drama, the new academy HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design together form Scandinavia’s biggest Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, offering a unique breadth in artistic education and research. We are centrally located in Gothenburg and collaborate closely with actors in local and regional cultural life, as well as having a wide-ranging international network and many international partners.


HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design is looking for a senior lecturer in design specialising in design studies for a position amounting to 80% of full-time. Tasks include the development of theorising and the contextualization of the subject area of design in our courses and study programmes. In addition, you will be involved in the development of networks and collaborations within and outside the academic world, nationally as well as globally. It is also desirable that you develop your own research with HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design as your base.


HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design aims to contribute to and work for sustainable development and in this endeavour, design has a clear and active part to play. The position offers an opportunity to work together with other colleagues to develop and strengthen the area of design studies at all levels of education and to define the research direction of the subject area at the University. HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design, the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, and the University of Gothenburg together offer a wide-ranging network with many opportunities for various forms of collaboration and knowledge exchange.


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Subject area
Design specialising in design studies


Subject area description
HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design’s courses in design comprise four study programmes: one at first-cycle level (the Bachelor’s programme in Design), and three at second-cycle level (Design, Child Culture Design and Embedded Design, which is starting in 2020). HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design has a growing research environment that has a third-cycle study programme in design with just over ten doctoral students. In addition to our regular programme courses, we also offer a number of freestanding courses in design.


At HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design, the subject of design comprises a dialogue between practice-based, theoretical and social questions relating to design and design practice. We focus on design as an artistic interpretive practice – from the reflecting practitioner’s building of knowledge around design as an activity from an interior perspective to the discussion and theorising around design activities – as enshrined in various social, cultural, economic and technological contexts in our time as well as historical time.


Our point of departure is the holistic view of the activity of design and artistic skills that characterises all our courses and study programmes and our research. This is a point of departure that is not dependent on the design orientation nor the area in which design is manifested, but it nonetheless has a clear social and humanistic profile, where taking responsibility and ethical positions, as global and intersectional perspectives, play a major role.


In an ever more diverse and multicultural society, we are seeing greater and greater demands on design and design processes and their purposes; how they occur, who they are for, and what impressions they leave. Through this, questions arise about participation, co-creation and transdisciplinarity among other things, which challenge design and its methods, processes, roles and tools as an ethical/aesthetic practice. We see the subject area of design as something that is developed in dialogue between education, research, and the society at large.


Job assignments
Your tasks will include developing theorisation and the disciplinary, historical and social contextualization of the subject of design within our courses and study programmes. You will be a driving force in the critical discourse on design within the design programmes.


You will be part of the faculty that works with courses and study programmes in design at first-, second- and third-cycle levels. Your teaching tasks will included leading seminars, lecturing, tutoring and examining. Your work will also include the production of literature and reference lists, progression plans, and the formulation of student tasks and assessment criteria. You will also participate in administration tasks, and as a colleague in various forms of development projects. You are also expected to be actively involved in the faculty. In addition, you will be involved in a process of change towards the development of comprehensive environments, i.e. ensuring exchanges and sharing of knowledge and experiences between first- and second-cycle courses and study programmes, research, and society at large. You will also participate in the development of networks and partnerships within and outside the academic world, nationally as well as globally. It is also desirable that you develop your own research with HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design as your base. As an employee, you will be able to apply for internal funding on a regular basis to pursue and develop your research. We also encourage and support you to apply for external funding.


According to Sweden’s Higher Education Ordinance , senior lecturers are to demonstrate teaching expertise and have been awarded a doctorate, or have demonstrated academic skills or some other professional expertise that is of value in view of the subject matter of the post and the duties it will involve.


Particular emphasis will be placed on teaching skills and the ability to develop the department’s education activities in collaboration with colleagues and the society at large, where the following criteria in particular will be taken into account:
- Documented experience of teaching within higher education institutions/universities
- Demonstrated teaching expertise in the form of lecturing and course development within higher education institutions/universities


- Experience of education in interdisciplinary contexts

Emphasis will also be placed on research skills, research and collaborations, where the following criteria in particular will be taken into account:

- Doctorate in a relevant subject area or equivalent professional skills
- Capacity to develop research environments by initiating artistic knowledge processes and pursuing your own research

- Documented experience of successfully developing and leading artistic and/or research projects

- Documented ability to apply for and obtain external funding

- Supervision of doctoral students in their studies towards completing a doctorate

- Demonstrated familiarity with theorisation and current discourse in the subject area of design studies
- International networks within the subject area and related subject areas

- Experience and documented ability to develop partnerships and collaborations

- Demonstrated ability and interest in working in multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary ways


The successful applicant’s tasks will include teaching at first-cycle level, which will be in Swedish. If you do not speak Swedish, Swedish language courses will be offered to you.


The Appointments Procedure for Teachers at the University of Gothenburg includes a requirement that the successful applicant must have completed courses in teaching and learning in higher education amounting to 15 higher education credits, or otherwise have acquired equivalent knowledge no later than within one year from the date of their initial appointment.


We will make an overall assessment and employ the applicant considered to have the best qualifications to implement and develop the tasks of this position described above. Great emphasis is placed on personal suitability.


This is a permanent position, 80% of full time. Placement is at HDK-Valand - Academy of Art and Design, Gothenburg. Start date is by agreement.


Trial employment ("provanställning") may be applied.

For further information:
More information about this position can be obtained from:
Carl Johan Skogh, Head of Department,


Questions about the recruitment process can be addressed to: Therese Vestlund, HR Officer, +46(0)31-7865109,


Union representatives at the University of Gothenburg:


How to apply
Apply for this position via the University of Gothenburg recruitment portal by clicking on the “Apply” button.


As an applicant, you are responsible for ensuring that your application is complete in accordance with the job advertisement and that your application is sent electronically no later than on the last date for applications. Any publications, etc., that cannot be attached digitally may be sent by mail in triplicate, citing the reference number, to:
University of Gothenburg,
Academy Valand
Attention: Therese Vestlund
Box 132
SE-405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden


The selection process may include interviews, tests and checking of references provided.


Since the application may be examined by international experts, it is desirable that the application and its appendices are written in English. If the application is written in Swedish it may be translated. In the event of any deviation between the translated document and the Swedish original HDK-Valand assumes no responsibility for translation or for direct, indirect or other forms of damage that may occur during the translation.


Closing date: 9th August, 2019


The University of Gothenburg promotes equal opportunities, equality and diversity.


Salary is determined on an individual basis.


Applications will be destroyed or returned (upon request) two years after the decision of employment has become final. Applications from the employed and from those who appeal the decision will not be returned.

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